Start from Something Familiar

This is my first blog. I wonder what I should be doing after I got my blog up. So I thought I should start painting or sketching again. When I browse around at the bookstore for latest magazine on art, I stumble into the idea of digital painting. I read and watched a few tutorial video found on the internet. Such as this one awesome video like this: This video is not really a tutorial, but I bow down to whoever did this video. I like traditional Italian portrait painting like Raphael, Michaelangelo, even Rembrandt. I’ve always love how it looks, the use of chiaroscuro, the richness of the shadow, the brightest brights. Awesome!!!! I like learning how to paint them all this time, so why not try painting it digitally too. So here is a painting that Raphael did way back then.

By Raphael

I’ve started learning the techniques and trying to recreate this pretty portrait. This turns out to be just as long as painting it with actual paint. So here is where I’m at, I’ll update my progress. It still in the “ugly stage.” But I’m totally liking this medium, painting with no mess to clean up and in particular practically no set-up time.

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