Moving Art

We can carry out our artistic passion in many different forms. One of them is through animation or film. I woke up this morning determined to write more entry to this blog. I stumble upon this entry of Ottawa International Animation Festival – Short Competition 2 at Drawn. All of the entries are very exceptionally well done! I would like to focus more on these two below and talk about them.

Sinna Man (Angry Man) by Anita Killi

WWF ‘Heroes of the UAE’ by Josiah Newbolt & Ben Falk

Both of these shorts are exceptionally moving. I like to call them moving art, not just because it is a more fluid form where the character moves, but also as an agent of movement – a catalyst for a greater cause. When I watched the first short by Anita Kili, it blew my mind. I didn’t come from an abusive environment when I grew up, but I clearly feel moved by this short animation. Her child-like style lend itself to the cause and I thought it was perfect and related to the child. The same with Josiah and Ben’s video, it was so pristine and exceptionally done conveying the subject matter of carbon footprint.

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