Start from Something Familiar – 3

Below is where I’m going to stop on this project, at least for now. It is always good to put an artwork aside. I haven’t had time to sit down and finish this until today. Worked on it for a couple more hours. Considering that this is my first time doing digital painting I would say it turn out O.K. I will never be like Raphael, but I must say I’m liking this. I think with more project I might be able to get better. I’m so excited! As I mentioned before the pros with painting digitally is much more forgiving medium than paint itself because you can erase, undo your mistake and add new layer without messing up your underpainting layers. Aside from that I think it is important to have a strong foundation in painting such as knowing the behavior of dark and lights, glazing, blending, etc. Knowing photoshop of course is much help. The cool stuff like photoshop, illustrator, computer are just tools to help you be better. Someone said to me before, “Know your tools!” I’ve always believe in doing the hard work to strengthen your foundation, and the rests are just tools to help you mold your idea. I know this is not exactly original idea, but I’m trying to start out slow. Many times before I set up unrealistic goal, trying to be creative again only to end up beating myself on the head later on for not following through. I’m happy, I got this far – 6 posts! And I have some stuff brewing already. Can’t wait for a new assignment to assign to myself.

Digital Painting of one of Raphael's work.


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