Declining Creativity

It’s monday morning, I feel really good about today. The first article I read on HBR today about the declining of creativity. This really get me riled up. As you know I’m in my process to get back into being creative, I fear that I’m wasting away into adulthood without life and talent that I once had. So here it is, an affirmation and also a kick on the tush to fuel my epic journey: Me against the Uncreative force of myself (whatever you want to call it.) Better yet, I’ll probably ended up thinking of a creative name for it, since we are going to talk a lot about it.

I admit that I feel the decline on my creativity due to lack of self-discipline to nurture it. It’s weird that I have brought out discipline as a part of being creative. Unless you are a child prodigy, the rest of us, who is just average need to struggle to maintain any creativity or any talent we have. The next step after admitting that we have a problem is to discuss what can be done to change it and DO IT! Oh, better yet I read this article a while back from Wired, “What Kind of Genius are You?” Even though the article says that not everyone is born a genius, it still gives me a good boost. I still have time, if only I persists and do what I do best, what will be, will be. It is better trying than keep thinking “what if?” right?

So aside from talking about this dilemma and motivating myself, I’d like to point out also that the root of my inspiration today is THE HBR – how far from creative is that? and here I am writing a blog about it. Mr. Galenson from Wired article is an economist, but he is able to be creative in his own field but still contributes to the arts. I’m not comparing myself to Mr. Galenson, I just like to believe that I’m contributing into arts by at least doing something: First, I’m on a quest to challenge myself to bring creative back into my life. Second, I’m writing! I think this is pretty creative in itself. I don’t usually write. (I’m really sorry if I don’t have a structure yet – but that is going to improve too!)

I say, it’s a good day to smell victory (however small it is) to discipline and get myself to fight against the declining creativity pandemic.

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