Coolest Person of the Week – Alex Honnold

I stumble upon this dude – Alex Honnold in travel channel program. I watch him solo climb Yosemite with no rope or other gadgets. Here is the clip I found on Youtube. I was so amazed. I know this is so random, but I think it is important to find other things or people, that inspire or amaze you as a creative person. It is very clear that he’s passionate about climbing, he’s willing to live in a van just to climb different mountains. He has to trains his body to become fit and strong, after all climbing with no ropes are very risky. He overcomes his own set of challenges, not just external challenges that’s presented differently in different terrains, but also he overcomes and challenged his mental limitation. I think that is brave.

As a person who has fallen of the creativity horses this is an inspiration for me. To see this guy, who is young, talented and so passionate about what he is doing, encourages me to do better. Most importantly, he lets me reflects on a few things about overcoming problems or challenges. So I asks these questions: So, what have you done lately to climb your mountain? Are you getting closer to the top? Are you ready for free-falling action? What steps have to take to prepare for it? Are you fit enough? Do you want this bad enough? What would empower you to get through this?

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