Dream a Little Dream

This is about me dreaming up my own business. What would it be, why, and what.  I took a Developing Business Plan class last quarter and really didn’t have a clue to what is it mean being an entrepreneur. Well, I figured  that I really like doing the creative stuff for my sister’s wedding: The Succulents, the handmade Stationery and the whole idea or being Green – being nice to the environment. Besides, coming from a print/display background, I saw how much material albeit: corrugate, sintra, plastic etc. that we used/waste to produced one little program. I think I must have killed a whole forest. I wish I can undo that, and contribute something to be nice to the environment. Well this is a mock website that I did for my dream business : Simple Plant™. Simple Plant is all about being creative in a sustainable way. We provide eco-conscious design consultant service and produce unique succulent arrangements and stationery products for domestic clients, businesses or events. Who knows being green can be so pretty and fulfilling! I’ve developed the whole business plan and also the new media marketing plan as well. If any of you share my dream, (Ahem… you know who you are!) please let me know. Maybe we can make our dreams come true! Well, that was my little dream. Click at the image below to visit the mock-website. What’s your dream? Please share. Any inputs are welcome too!

Simple Plant™

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One Response to Dream a Little Dream

  1. patricia susanto says:

    this looks cool, Jo! I can imagine how much you like doing creative stuff. it’s so you! :)
    totally reminded me of those days in seni rupa eks-kur :)
    all the best!!!!

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