About Me

I’m Jojo. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an artist. I was always the kid with messy hands, you name it! Be it paints, glue, crayons, etc. I finally received by B.A. from Cal State Northridge. I went on to become a graphic designer until recently when lay-offs seems to be on everyday ‘specials’. Even when I was working as a designer, art has become a chore. It wasn’t as glamorous as I thought when I was eight years old and crayons was my best friend. So Currently I’m studying Business Administration in Marketing at UCLA extension. I’m thinking of continuing my education at some B-school. That would be nice, but GMAT is still a hurdle that need to be overcome right now. Even though I like my new subject, I couldn’t help to ignore my dying identity any longer. This blog is about me trying to keep my sanity and my passion. I’m taking art for art sake, one art at a time. I’m trying to be creative again.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Mark Harmel says:


    I’m playing hooky right now with my GRE studies. I mostly need to relearn testing math now.

  2. Hi Mark!
    Are you planning to go back to school Mark? taking what? cool!! Yes I have to get my GMAT score up. The battleground is steep, maybe we can study math together sometimes.

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