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New Exciting Project

I’ve been missing in action! There have been a ton going on. MBA is keeping me busy. This semester I also take on a more exciting project that is worthy to share. I’ve met David Pabers, a game developer. I’ve … Continue reading

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Looking Back, Out My Window

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Fear is the Mind-killer

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will … Continue reading

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Dream a Little Dream

This is about me dreaming up my own business. What would it be, why, and what.  I took a Developing Business Plan class last quarter and really didn’t have a clue to what is it mean being an entrepreneur. Well, … Continue reading

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Fire Breathing Dragon and Other Interesting Characters

Here are some structural stuff that I did and talked about on my previous post while I was working as a graphic designer before. It just sort of happened; I was thrown head first into these kind of projects. I … Continue reading

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Company Microsite Project

I’m liking this new thing called “web-design.” I think with my aptitude to think about structure just like my old job, this web-design deal seems to just click. I’m in no way saying I’m good at it. I’m just saying … Continue reading

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PixelTrackers Website – Manage and Track Conversion Pixels Your Way

This is another ongoing project.  The web owner insists that he just want the basic make-over-my-website-so-it’s-not-so-plain to go live in two weeks (which is this past sunday.) That means, I made the website more pleasant to look at and hopefully … Continue reading

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Hail to Mr. President

This President’s day long weekend I decided to start catching up on some side project that need more of my TLC. But alas, what can I say. I’m distracted by many inspiration for a while. I’ve been wanting to draw … Continue reading

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The Other Half

At times, when you feel down and you think your life sucks. Just keep this following video in mind and stop sulking; Go and do something productive.

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Be My Valentine this Valentine’s Day

I absolutely LOVE the idea of micro loans since I’ve heard about Kiva a few years ago. I like the idea because it is more involved rather than just simply giving handouts. It feels more dignified: I’m not just another … Continue reading

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