Hail to Mr. President

This President’s day long weekend I decided to start catching up on some side project that need more of my TLC. But alas, what can I say. I’m distracted by many inspiration for a while. I’ve been wanting to draw portrait of epic mustache for a while, so here it is. Stay tuned for more epic mustache. Can you guess who this president is?

Portrait of a president

Mr. President

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The Other Half

At times, when you feel down and you think your life sucks. Just keep this following video in mind and stop sulking; Go and do something productive.

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Be My Valentine this Valentine’s Day

I absolutely LOVE the idea of micro loans since I’ve heard about Kiva a few years ago. I like the idea because it is more involved rather than just simply giving handouts. It feels more dignified: I’m not just another wallet and they are not just another person in an unfortunate situation who needs help. I heard Jessica Jackley TED Talks and I’m hooked and totally inspired. What she said is pretty much sums up what I think, feel and truly believe.

“Believing in each other… that each one of us can do amazing things in the world… that can continue perpetuate hope… and THAT will change the world and can make the world tomorrow better than today.” – Jessica Jackley

Which is great! It is a total affirmation to what I’ve been doing lately. I have been having great opportunities to work with amazing people from non-profit The GreaterContribution.org doing the little stuff that I know about graphic, marketing and administration. This little non-profit-that-could is so amazing! They provide micro loans for women in Africa who needs little capital just to get over that hump to start a tiny business in order to provide a better life for their families. So here is the latest stuff we are doing. For this Valentine’s Day you can donate in behalf of loved ones to show them how much you care… not just about them but also about others on the other side of the world – who actually need it. Whatever you end up doing this Valentine’s day, I wish you an awesome Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine's Day

Love one another. Together we end poverty.

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New Territory

I’ve been busy doing this new thing that I have no idea how to do. So here it is, a website. I know it’s totally basic, but enjoy anyways. Click below to see more.


Very Basic Web Project

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Happy NEW YEAR 1/1/11

Happy New Year

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It’s Always Raining in My Mind

Someone always said that to me. “It’s Always Raining in My Mind.” Sometimes it makes me laugh, other times it makes me filled with so much questions and emotions. I just found a pic of this old painting I did a few years back. I don’t have this painting anymore, but I’ve always imagined that this is exactly what it would be if it’s actually raining in my mind. I’m not a writer, I can’t tell you how it would be nor describe it, so here it is in picture.

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Warm Wishes to All of You!


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