New Exciting Project

ipad game
I’ve been missing in action! There have been a ton going on. MBA is keeping me busy. This semester I also take on a more exciting project that is worthy to share. I’ve met David Pabers, a game developer. I’ve been helping him developing a new, awesome RPG game for the iOS system. I mainly create graphic artwork where it is necessary, UI graphics and also I provide some marketing consultation for the developer. He along with Black Hat Brigade Games have been working hard to develop this new game. It is an RPG, top-down game. A mix of tower defense and action based games. I’m not much of a gamer, but I’ve been trying it out for a while; it’s really fun! They are so passionate about this game, it’s really infectious! Makes me want to produce artwork as best as I can to help them with a beta launch and possible publishing it on iTunes! Stay tuned for more exciting news.

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Looking Back, Out My Window

Rearview mirror drawing

Looking back, out the window

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Fear is the Mind-killer


I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

-Pg 19 of Dune

BY Frank Herbert

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Dream a Little Dream

This is about me dreaming up my own business. What would it be, why, and what.  I took a Developing Business Plan class last quarter and really didn’t have a clue to what is it mean being an entrepreneur. Well, I figured  that I really like doing the creative stuff for my sister’s wedding: The Succulents, the handmade Stationery and the whole idea or being Green – being nice to the environment. Besides, coming from a print/display background, I saw how much material albeit: corrugate, sintra, plastic etc. that we used/waste to produced one little program. I think I must have killed a whole forest. I wish I can undo that, and contribute something to be nice to the environment. Well this is a mock website that I did for my dream business : Simple Plant™. Simple Plant is all about being creative in a sustainable way. We provide eco-conscious design consultant service and produce unique succulent arrangements and stationery products for domestic clients, businesses or events. Who knows being green can be so pretty and fulfilling! I’ve developed the whole business plan and also the new media marketing plan as well. If any of you share my dream, (Ahem… you know who you are!) please let me know. Maybe we can make our dreams come true! Well, that was my little dream. Click at the image below to visit the mock-website. What’s your dream? Please share. Any inputs are welcome too!

Simple Plant™

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Fire Breathing Dragon and Other Interesting Characters

Here are some structural stuff that I did and talked about on my previous post while I was working as a graphic designer before. It just sort of happened; I was thrown head first into these kind of projects. I sank and then swum to the top in a short time because I had a lot of amazing people and mentor to work and grow with, and most importantly to learn from. Some people might think that this is not what you called being a graphic designer, but I guess I’m more than just a graphic designer.  I’m more than just a pretty layout. I wear lots of different hats and I always gave it my best. Like the Sleeping Beauty El Capitan project. First, it started with sketches, then graphic layouts, approvals, measurements, structural and material planning, trials, productions and installations – in short.

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Company Microsite Project

I’m liking this new thing called “web-design.” I think with my aptitude to think about structure just like my old job, this web-design deal seems to just click. I’m in no way saying I’m good at it. I’m just saying I like doing it. A better integration of using both sides of your brain. So here is another project that I did for a web-design class that I’m taking. I redesign the Toyota Prius Projects microsite using the current knowledge that I have. I don’t know much about Java and behavior of a site yet. But here it is, click below to see my take on the site. Feedback is always welcome.

Screenshot on my take on ToyotaPriusProject - Microsite

Company Microsite Project

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PixelTrackers Website – Manage and Track Conversion Pixels Your Way

This is another ongoing project.  The web owner insists that he just want the basic make-over-my-website-so-it’s-not-so-plain to go live in two weeks (which is this past sunday.) That means, I made the website more pleasant to look at and hopefully sell some stuff. From this point, I’ll re-write content, create the importance of logo and branding and start taking account of SEO. So stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, check it out, I’m accepting feedback. Click at the screenshot below to see the site. screenshot

Manage Affiliate Conversion Tracking, Your Way.

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